Motorola just leaked the Moto G Fast, and it may be the brand's next cheap phone

Moto G Fast
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Looking for a great cheap phone? The Moto G Fast is set to be launched by Motorola soon if a leak from the company itself is to be believed, and it looks like the device will join the ever-growing Moto G8 family.

A video on the Motorola US YouTube channel (that has since been removed) showed a new device called the Moto G Fast with a tagline of "ultra-fast, ultra-responsive" and a variety of affordable phone-like specs.

TechRadar has asked Motorola for comment on the Moto G Fast, and we'll update this article if we hear back.

According to the video, the phone will feature an octa-core Snapdragon chipset (it didn't specify what model) alongside 3GB of RAM. That's 1GB less than the Moto G8, so don't expect this to give phenomenal power that can compete with flagship devices.

Motorola also says this device will offer two-day battery life, but it's currently unclear how big the battery inside will be. 

The final thing the video teaches us is that the camera will have an ultra-wide-angle shooter as well as a macro lens, alongside the main sensor. We don't currently know any of the specs for these elements though, and the video doesn't teach us much more about the phone.

It does show off the design of the handset though. The video was re-uploaded on another channel, and you can watch it here.

And another handset is coming

Motorola has also unveiled the new Moto G Pro. That's a rebranding of the Moto G Stylus that we've seen in the US for the last few months, and the company has begun selling it in Germany for €329 (about £300 / AU$540).

We've yet to hear if the device is coming to the UK or Australia, but we've asked for further information from Motorola and we'll be sure to share with you when we hear more.

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