Moon Knight first reactions: here's what the critics thought

Oscar Isaac's Steven Grant looking scared in the Moon Knight TV show
Moon Knight has been largely praised by critics ahead of its March 30 release. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

The first reviews for Marvel Studios' Moon Knight have landed online – and the critical response to the series has been largely positive.

Moon Knight isn't releasing until March 30 on Disney Plus. But, with the social media embargo lifting ahead of its launch date, critics have taken to Twitter to offer their initial impressions of the Marvel Phase 4 project.

So, how does it stack up? Collider's Sab Astley kicked things off with plenty of praise – albeit slightly hyperbolic – by calling Moon Knight "Marvel's trippy National Treasure". He also claims that Oscar Isaac is the "best addition to the MCU since RDJ [Robert Downey Jr.]", which speaks to the level of Isaac's performance as the titular anti-hero:

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The BBC's Ashanti Omkar called on Marvel fans to "put [Moon Knight] on your Disney Plus watch list", while she similarly praised Isaac's mesmeric and emotionally rich performance. Omkar also reserved special praise for May Calamawy, who portrays Layla, a mysterious figure from Steven Grant/Marc Spector's past, and composer Hesham Nazih's pounding score:

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Zavvi's Emily Murray likened Moon Knight to Indiana Jones' revered film series (well, the original trilogy, at least) and hinted at the show's mind-bending narrative. Murray did, though, suggest that the MCU TV series wasn't as "bonkers as I hoped for":

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The Digital Fix's Tom Percival highlighted the "good blend of horror, action and humor" before going on to claim that Moon Knight "has a great cape". Expect plenty of kids to dress up as the superhero for Halloween 2022, then:

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Some early Moon Knight reactions weren't wholly positive, though. Digital Spy's David Opie was less enthralled with the show, saying he was "divided" over it. Opie stated that it's a "wildly original MCU entry" but suggested that some of the "sillier aspects detract from the horror":

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Finally, TechRadar's very own Tom Power stated that Moon Knight is "unlike anything you've seen from Marvel before", adding that it's lack of concrete ties to other MCU projects "gives it the freedom to do whatever it wants": 

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Our spoiler-free review went live on March 29, so be sure to read it for our verdict on the show, and check out our exclusive interview coverage concerning Moon Knight. Finally, find out what time it'll be released on Disney Plus.

We'll also be covering the show throughout its six-week run, with articles on Easter eggs, other MCU references, and more to come. And, if you missed it, have a look at our Moon Knight trailer breakdown for a taste of what to expect from the show.

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