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Verizon birdies tweet 4G LTE activating 'soon' on new Nexus 7

Verizon and Nexus 7
Verizon finally gives Nexus 7 some LTE love

It seemed like Verizon was stalling releasing LTE support for the new Nexus 7, even though AT&T and T-Mobile have started offering models in the Google Play Store.

But the checkmark company released an explainer today saying the opposite - that the tablet will definitely be on the carrier "soon."

This contradicts another Verizon tweet, one that now seems rather awkward, from the support team telling BuzzMachine's Jeff Jarvis that "... not all LTE tablets are created equal. It's not part of our line up & can't be activated."

What's the hold up?

Verizon has been putting the Nexus 7 through a certification process since August, and will likely take a few more weeks to complete, the carrier explained.

According to Verizon, the tablet is undergoing the "most rigorous testing protocols of any carrier" to ensure the network remains safe and secure.

So it will take a little bit longer to get 4G LTE on the Nexus 7, but hopeful customers now at least have an answer about availability. We'll just have to see if Verizon sticks to its word.