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Samsung Chromebook vs Acer Chromebook

Samsung Chromebook: 12 things you need to know
The Samsung Chromebook, otherwise known as the Series 5

The Google Chromebook UK release date is 15 June, when the first units go on sale.

Google intends Chromebooks to be a simpler way of browsing the web – the OS is essentially just the Google Chrome browser itself, with no desktop, taskbar or separate app browser.

It's a completely cloud based computer and is dependent on being connected to the internet to work properly. The bonus of this is that your files are always updates as is the Chrome OS used on Chromebooks – the software will always be updated automatically.

It's certainly a limited OS but, depending on what you use a laptop or a tablet for, it might be enough. However, a Chromebook is no workhorse - it's very much in the netbook category though, as you'll hear, the pricing is surprisingly high.