HP aims to weave gaming magic into new thread-designed Pavilion laptops

HP Pavilion

HP has unveiled a number of new Pavilion devices, including a new 15.6-inch Pavilion x360 laptop and a 15-inch Pavilion 15 notebook that comes with various dedicated graphics options for gamers.

Launched alongside new desktop PC and all-in-one models, they're aimed at students and home users and benefit from a nifty new thread-inspired design and color schemes.

Pavilion power

First up are HP's 14-inch HP Pavilion 14 and 15.6-inch Pavilion 15 laptops. HP claims they're now up to 22% thinner than their predecessors and have a smaller footprint to boot. They weigh 3.3 pounds and 4.26 pounds and are 19.5mm and 22.5mm thick respectively.

There's also a 17.3-inch HP Power Pavilion model which weighs 6.28 pounds and is 29.9mm thick, with all three models sporting HP's new threaded design on the keyboard and speakers. They're available in Natural Silver, Modern Gold, Blizzard White, Onyx Black, Cardinal Red, Dragonfly Blue and Sport Purple.

These Pavilion notebooks are offered with Skylake CPUs running up to Core i7, with up to Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics, or an AMD A12-9700P quad-core processor with optional Radeon R7 Graphics. For the screen, you get an edge-to-edge HD or Full HD display with an optional touchscreen.

You can specify up to 16GB of system RAM, or up to 512GB SSD or 2TB hard disk, or dual drives if you prefer on select models (although the maximum is 128GB SSD in this configuration). There's a further option for an optical disc drive on certain laptops should you require one.

X marks the spot

HP has also updated its convertible Pavilion x360 laptops, which feature a hinge inspired by HP's Spectre x360 that allows it to be used in four different 'modes' depending on the position you're in.

It's available in 11.6- and 13.3-inch sizes, in addition to a larger 15.6-inch version for the first time. The company claims they're up to 14% thinner and are lighter than previous models, weighing in at 2.93 pounds and 3.48 pounds for the smaller models. The new 15.6-incher is 23.9mm thick and weighs 5.07 pounds.

The new offerings have audio custom-tuned by B&O Play, with the same fresh design twist as seen on the x360 in the form of the digital thread pattern adorning the keyboard deck.

As for the hardware, you've got a choice of processors running up to Intel's sixth-generation Skylake Core i7, configurable with up to 16GB of memory, a 512GB SSD and up to 1TB spinning hard disk.

There's also the option of a backlit keyboard on the larger x360 notebooks (13.3-inch and 15.6-inch), and the choice of either an HD or Full HD display on those models. HP also promises up to nine and a quarter hours of battery life.

Slim bezels

Finally, we have the Pavilion All-in-One with Micro Edge display and the HP Pavilion Desktop. The All-in-One is a striking computer with a nearly bezel-less screen that recalls Dell's InfinityEdge display laptops and monitors. The 24-inch standalone comes with Intel's Core i7 processor, a Full HD display, USB-C connectivity and discrete graphics.

The latter is designed to be an affordable computer, and just because it's a desktop it doesn't miss out on some funkier color schemes – Natural Silver, Blizzard White and Twinkle Black in this case.

The Pavilion Desktop will again offer processor options up to Skylake Core i7, with optional Nvidia GeForce GTX 750i graphics, or if you prefer the AMD route, up to an A12 processor with Radeon R7 Graphics.

It's also possible to specify up to 16GB of memory and 3TB storage, and if you're looking for a monitor, HP is also offering a new 32-inch Pavilion Quad HD display with 100% sRGB color space coverage for accurate color reproduction.

Coming soon

HP's Pavilion x360 11.6-inch, 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch laptops will retail starting from $400, $500 and $730 (around £275, £340 and £500) respectively. They will become available on HP's website from May 15, May 29 and May 25 respectively.

The HP Pavilion 14-inch, 15.6-inch and HP Power Pavilion 17.3-inch will be priced at $540, $580 and $900 (around £370, £395 and £615) respectively, becoming available on June 12 for the former, and May 18 for the latter two models.

As for the Pavilion Desktop, that's being released a little later on June 26, and will start from $450 (around £310), with the 32-inch HP Pavilion Display available on the same day starting from $400 (around £275).

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