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Hands on: HP Pavilion All-in-One with Micro-Edge Display review

This sharp All-in-One PC erases screen bezels out of existence

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HP Pavilion All-in-One with Micro-Edge Display

Early Verdict

Despite the long winded name, this HP All-in-One PC is one sublimely simple, nearly bezeless and gorgeous desktop you'll want in your home


  • Sharp, minimalistic design
  • Hidden webcam
  • Gorgeous display


  • Slightly pricey
  • Limited graphical power
  • The model name

This might look like a regular computer monitor with some impeccably thin bezels, but it actually one of the best looking all-in-one PCs I've ever laid my eyes on. Aptly named the HP Pavilion All-in-One with Micro-Edge Display – though I wish HP called it something a little less literal and shorter – the compact home PC is both stylish and innovate.

From the front, you would never think that it was an all-in-one PC. Even when looking at the machine from the side, it doesn't really look all that much thicker than a traditional monitor. However, behind the machine's 23.8-inch edge-to-edge display lies an Intel Core i7 processor and even discrete graphics.

HP Pavilion All-in-One with Micro-Edge Display


The new 24-inch standalone PC is sharp and modern. The glass fronted display is surrounded by a jet black bezel and around that is a metal frame for a minimalistic style. With the bezel measuring barely a centimeter on every side, your focus is drawn entirely to the sharp and vibrant 1080p IPS screen.

Just below the bright Full HD display is a stylish speaker grill, which features a pattern we first saw on the HP Spectre x2 and then the HP Elite x3. Unfortunately, we weren't able to test the sound quality of the speakers. But they offer stereo sound and given Bang and Olufsen's reputation with HP devices so far, I'll hazard a guess that they'll sound decent to notable.

HP Pavilion All-in-One with Micro-Edge Display

The Pavilion PC stands on top of a wide base with bowed arms supporting it. Given the size of the base, it seems like a wasted opportunity not to integrate wireless charging when the feature has come to more and more standard monitors.

At the very least, those with USB-C equipped phones will be able to take advantage of the fast charging port found on the underside of the AIO's chin. Users will also find other hidden ports including USB 3.0, a jack for you to plug in a headset and a 3-in-1 card reader.

HP Pavilion All-in-One with Micro-Edge Display

One of the PC's neatest features is its hidden webcam, which pops up with small spring loaded panel on the top of the display. It's a neat feature that also helps to eliminate the top bezel. When stowed away, the camera and microphone are also disabled as a privacy safeguard.

A HP spokesperson explained the Privacy Camera was designed to give users an extra piece of mind, knowing they won't be inadvertently show up on video chat without a shirt or other embarrassing situations. The same representative also said a top-mounted camera was rare, as other companies have added a hidden webcam system located on the bottom and even to the side of the display.

HP Pavilion All-in-One with Micro-Edge Display

Specifications and price

The HP Pavilion All-in-One with Micro-Edge Display (I'll never get used to the name) comes with a bevy of customization options. With the basic specs, users can upgrade to an Intel Core i7 processor paired with optional Nvidia 930A graphics.

Users will also be able to bump up their configuration to a maximum 16GB of RAM as well as 1TB of storage. There's even the option to upgrade the webcam to a Real Sense camera for logging in with their face through Windows Hello.

Overall, the AIO PC felt fast enough for web browsing and popping as many applications open as I could in one quick 15-minute demo. On paper, it doesn't seem as though it packs enough power to play many games on this system, but if you have another gaming machine or Xbox One lying around, it should do well with streaming.

HP Pavilion All-in-One with Micro-Edge Display

Early verdict

Starting at $749 (about £510, AU$990), the HP Pavilion All-in-One with Micro-Edge Display is one of the nicest looking desktop computers if you're looking for something with a sharp, contemporary design. Sure, it's more expensive than a Chromebase, but you get the full functionality of Windows 10 in a more attractive device.

Given the simplicity all-in-one offers already, packing everything into one unassuming display makes a lot of sense. You'll have a hard time finding another PC, let alone a premium monitor with bezels this thin and the stow away webcam is a stroke of genius.

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