Eee PC 901 3.75G goes dongle-free

Eee PC 901 goes 3.75G next month - the ultimate ultraportable from Asus?

Asus' Eee PC, the original and (arguably) the best netbook on the market for its price, has an update coming next month, with Asus introducing a 3G edition.

The latest version of the Eee PC 901 will feature HSUPA (or 3.75G), with download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps, and upload speeds of 2.2Mbps, so you need never worry about finding a Wi-Fi network again.

Mobile contract deals

Asus UK is still in discussions with mobile network providers – so stay tuned for pricing and mobile contract subscription deals on the new 3.75G Eee PC as soon as we get it direct from the manufacturer (which we expect will be sometime later next month).

The Eee PC 901 3.75G is expected to be pretty much the same spec as the original 901, with the same ultra-long battery life (ideal for blogging away on long haul flights), the dinky 8.9-inch screen and versions rocking either Linux or XP, depending on your preference.