Mad Catz is back with a new trio of gaming peripherals

Mad Catz

Back from the grave of bankruptcy, Mad Catz will return at CES 2018 with a new range of gaming peripherals.

Now known as Mad Catz Global Limited, the Hong Kong-based company promises to show off a new wireless version of its iconic gaming mouse: the RAT Air. We’ll also see it paired with a new Strike 4 keyboard and Freq 4 gaming headset.

Beyond a simple announcement and a few renders, Mad Catz hasn’t revealed any other specs, details or pricing on its new peripherals – but you can bet we’ll learn more about them at next week’s consumer electronics show.

At the very least, looking at the images shows these peripherals appear to be just as customizable as the company’s previous gaming products.

In case you forgot, Mad Catz shuttered its business after declaring bankruptcy in March 2017. After which, according to Cnet,  a Chinese holdings company acquired nearly all of its assets. Some members of this holdings company worked at the very same factory that produced Mad Catz’s old peripherals, and they supposedly saw an opportunity to continue the line of peripherals while becoming the decision makers of the brand.

Now, the question that remains is whether the new Mad Catz will be able to produce a line of high-quality gaming hardware as it was once known? We'll soon find out at CES 2018.

Kevin Lee

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