LG’s C2 OLED has hit a lowest-ever price and is the TV I’d buy on Cyber Monday

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LG’s 65-inch C2 OLED TV is selling for its lowest ever price – you can now get it for just $1,696.99 in this Amazon Cyber Monday deal, and other retailers like Best Buy have it listed at a similarly low cost. That’s an incredible deal for a TV of this quality, and one we can easily endorse. 

The C2 is proving to be among the hottest Cyber Monday deals – Walmart dropped its price for the 65-incher to $1,599, and that's now sold out. All the more reason to jump on the remaining C2 sales!

The reason we can single this deal out is that the LG C2 was the TV of the year in the TechRadar Choice awards. It’s not the cheapest set you’ll find among the wide-ranging Cyber Monday TV deals we’re following, but it’s one of the best and is the set I’d personally choose.

Why did the LG C2 receive our award? It uses the company’s next-gen OLED Evo panel, which delivers higher peak brightness than previous OLED models. That’s something you’ll notice when watching movies with 4K HDR, and the C2 series also uses LG’s latest Alpha a9 Gen 5 processor to enhance HDR picture performance.

The C2 series OLED is also a great gaming TV, with four HDMI 2.1 ports, 4K 120Hz (with Dolby Vision support), VRR, and AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync. It should be added that, along with being our overall TV of the year, the C2 received our Gaming TV of the year award.

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Today's best Cyber Monday LG C2 OLED TV deal

LG 65-inch C2 OLED TV: $1,796.99   $1,696.99 at Amazon

LG 65-inch C2 OLED TV: was $1,796.99  now $1,696.99  at Amazon
LG's 65-inch C2 series OLED TV has hit its all-time low price in this Cyber Monday sale. We loved the C2 when we reviewed it, and it ended up winning for both the best gaming TV and best overall TV of 2022 in the Tech Radar Choice Awards. At almost $1,700, the LG C2 isn't the cheapest 65-inch TV around, but given its outstanding combination of features, performance, and value, this is still a fantastic deal.

I had an opportunity to compare a 65-inch model with the company’s G2 “gallery” series OLED TV at LG’s corporate headquarters in New Jersey when the C2 series was first released. The C2 held up amazingly well next to the company’s pricier OLED series, matching it on nearly every picture quality parameter. It’s that good!

I don’t have a need to buy a new TV at the moment – I’ve already got a bunch of them lined up to review. But if I were looking for a Cyber Monday deal on a new TV, the LG C2 is the one I’d go for. Amazon currently has all C2 versions in stock, so you can buy the 42-incher for $895.50 or the gargantuan 83-inch model, which is selling for just under $4,000 in another Cyber Monday deal.

LG C2 OLED TV big or small, you really can’t go wrong with this fantastic TV. And with the C2 selling at an all-time low price, this is the time to click that Buy button.

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