LG transparent OLED screen as 'digital canvas' helps sell NFTs - We tell you how

Refik Anadol's NFT collection
Refik Anadol's NFT collection (Image credit: LG Display)

Art and technology were once the twain that shall not meet. But these days, no facet of human life can escape tech. And art is no exception to it. If anything, it is flourishing because of modern gizmos and attendant tech. NFT (Non-Fungible Token) art, for instance, is getting a bigger platform, because digital technology provides a better and beautiful platform to it. 

So it is that no surprise LG Display has collaborated with Turkish-American new media artist Refik Anadol to showcase on its transparent OLED panels his latest AI-driven NFT collection, ‘An Important Memory for Humanity’.

This limited-edition NFT collection utilized video, audio and health data taken from Inspiration, the first-ever all-civilian spaceflight, to create a unique and expressive series of data visualizations. Basically, the artist imagined his creative work on a digital screen.

The NFT art collection was also auctioned off for $6.2 Million, and the buyer was given the NFT collection on a transparent OLED panel. 

The technology behind the art

Refik Anadol's NFT collection

(Image credit: LG Display)

In a statement, the artist Anadol said that he was able to leverage the transparent OLED’s technology to visualize data such as telemetry, ultrasound, and heartbeats into an aesthetic masterpiece. This is his second collaboration with LG Display, following his 'Machine Hallucinations: Nature Dreams exhibit' for which he harnessed the Transparent OLED display as a digital canvas to achieve creative imagery based on real-time environmental data.

"I understood how amazing the OLED can be for communicating data paintings and data sculptures," he said and added that transparent OLED, is a very exciting medium because you can really see through the medium of data like a holographic experience while you are interacting with an AI.

The Transparent OLED’s self-emissive nature allows it to provide the clearest images, slimmest design and a transparency rate high enough to seamlessly replace glass windows, LG said. 

LG Display is the only manufacturer of transparent OLED displays in the world. In addition to digital art, the company has employed the innovative technology across several areas like shopping malls, public transportation and interior designs.

Previously, LG Display’s transparent OLED made an appearance at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC to mark the iconic institution’s 175th anniversary. Through the Futures exhibition, Transparent OLED presented interactive, digital artwork installations to thousands of museum-goers.

LG Display said it plans to present various transparent OLED-based interactive digital art throughout the year, including major art exhibitions.

For the record, transparent OLED panel as digital canvas for NFTs is different from the NFT platform offered on some TV models (Including LG's) to allow owners to purchase and trade NFTs.

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