LG G7 may be the company's next flagship phone after all as leak reveals name


Despite recent rumors that the LG G7 might launch under a different name it now looks like LG will stick with its conventional numbering after all.

Strong evidence for this comes from a mention of the ‘Future LG G7’ on LG’s UK website, which notes that the phone will be compatible with Quick Charge 4.0 - suggesting the use of either the Snapdragon 845 or Snapdragon 835 chipset.

And this isn’t the first time the name LG G7 has been mentioned in an official capacity, as Android Police recently noticed a new LG Wallet app on the Play Store which has since been removed, but which also mentioned the LG G7.

A clear mention of the G7 on LG's fast charging information page

A clear mention of the G7 on LG's fast charging information page

Date to be determined

So it looks very likely that LG’s next flagship will indeed be called the G7, though a company spokesperson said in a statement to PocketNow that: “the names of all future phones from LG are speculative until the official announcement. It is common for us to use unofficial placeholders in materials until the name is finalized.” So we still can’t be certain of the name.

As for when we’ll know for sure, that’s also uncertain, as there’s no real agreement from sources as to when the LG G7 – or whatever it ends up being called – will launch.

Our best guess would have been MWC 2018 in late February, but one source reckons it could land in January, while The Investor has recently heard that it will be unveiled in March and then go on sale in April, so it could still be months away.

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