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Lenovo unveils 7 new Ideapad and Yoga laptops for the Indian markets

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Lenovo has freshly unveiled seven new notebooks belonging to the Ideapad and Yoga lineup respectively. The new Yoga 720 and the 520 are convertibles running Intel’s 7th-gen Core i7 CPUs under the hood. The Yoga 520 comes with a sleek aluminum exterior with 128GB of SSD storage combined with 1TB of HDD on board. It comes with a Full HD (1920x1080) display, a fingerprint scanner, and a NVIDIA GPU underneath. The notebook also comes with Harman Kardon audio. 

The Yoga 720 comes with the same Full HD display, aluminum body, a NVIDIA GPU, fingerprint scanner, Dolby Audio Premium, and a sleek 19mm thick body. The convertible only weighs 1.25 kg, making it ideal to be carried around practically anywhere. Both notebooks come with JBL branded speakers on board. 

Since the Yoga lineup is targeted towards the creative users, Lenovo is also offering the optional “Active Pen” stylus along with the Yoga laptops. Windows, by default, offers “Windows Inking” to help users sketch, take notes or just scribble on the go. As for the pricing, the Yoga 520 will set you back by Rs 39,600 while the Yoga 720 has been priced at Rs 74,500.

The company also unveiled the Ideapad 720S, Ideapad 520S, Ideapad 320S, Ideapad 520 and the Ideapad 320 lineup in the country. 

The Ideapad 520 and Ideapad 320 notebooks come with NVIDIA’s GeForce 940MX GPUs on board, thus offering something for the gamers. The Ideapad 720S is a slightly upscale notebook compared to the other newly launched laptops. It comes with smoothly angled edges to give it a sleek look and reduce the bulk overall.

At just 1.12 kg, the company succeeds in making the Ideapad 720S a lightweight notebook. The notebook also comes with a battery backup of eight hours, which is amazing for a modern day laptop. It also comes with Dolby Atmos audio on board accompanied by JBL speakers. The Ideapad 320S and the 520S aren’t too different from the Ideapad 320 and the 520 in terms of hardware. 

The pricing of the newly launched Ideapad lineup are as follows:

  • Ideapad 720S - Rs 74,850
  • Ideapad 520S - Rs 47,450
  • Ideapad 320S - Rs 34,750
  • Ideapad 520 - Rs 42,400
  • Ideapad 320 - Rs 17,800

“Our latest collection further strengthens our position as the trend setter in the PC space. Today, we launch clutter-breaking, future-ready products that boast of category-first features at mainstream pricing," Rajesh Thadani, Executive Director-Consumer Business and E-commerce, Lenovo India, said on the occasion of the launch.