Leaked GoPro Hero 9 image shows it could have the DJI Osmo Action's best feature

Could the GoPro Hero 9 replace the monochrome status screen from the GoPro Hero 8 (pictured)? (Image credit: Future)

If GoPro follows its usual launch schedule then we should see the arrival of a GoPro Hero 9 in a couple of months – and a new leaked image suggest that could indeed be the case.

The image (below) spotted by Reddit user /uchrswnd appears to reveal the shell of a new GoPro model with one particularly interesting feature – a much larger front display than the one on the GoPro Hero 8 Black.

The latter's front screen is a basic monochrome display that shows your shooting mode and battery life, but the apparently leaked image suggests the Hero 9 (which could be called the Hero 9 Black) could instead have a front LCD that's closer to that of the DJI Osmo Action.

There are a couple of caveats here – one is that the leak's source has no real track record with GoPro news, so it's difficult to judge exactly how legitimate it is. Also, a larger front display doesn't necessarily mean the next GoPro will have a full color front LCD like the Osmo Action.

But the size of the square display (or at least, the frame for it) in the image does look comparable to the one on DJI's action cam, and it would make a lot of sense as a new feature for the Hero 9 Black.

GoPro Hero 9 Black

(Image credit: reddit.com/user/chrswnd/)

Fronting up

Right now, the only way to see yourself while filming on a GoPro is to get the Display Mod for the Hero 8 Black. However, that accessory still isn't available to buy, despite being announced last year, and is a pretty pricey addition for an action camera.

The DJI Osmo Action's 1.4-inch, 330ppi front screen isn't the perfect solution either, but it is a handy way to quickly check your framing when shooting videos to camera. It's bright enough to see outdoors and is a unique feature for an action camera, making it a good choice for those who like to do extreme vlogging.

That's why a color front screen was included in our recent GoPro Hero 9 Black: 9 things we want to see in the next flagship action camera round-up. Another entry in that wishlist is the return of the removable lens cover, which disappeared on the Hero 8 Black. 

The leaked image doesn't really provide any conclusive evidence on the latter either way, though it appears to have the same lens design as the Hero 8 Black – and it would be a slight surprise to see GoPro backtrack on that move just a year later.

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