It sounds like Disney Plus UK won't have every episode of The Mandalorian at launch

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After a long wait, Disney Plus UK finally launches on March 24. An official local Disney Plus Twitter account has also now popped up, and it's started teasing content for the streaming service's coming arrival. 

While UK viewers are finally going to see The Mandalorian months after the US, it sounds like we won't be getting every episode at once. The tweet below mentions that episodes of The Mandalorian "will start to roll out from March 24th", the wording of which strongly suggests the entire 8-episode season won't drop at the same time. Here's the tweet in question:

We've asked Disney UK for clarification on this, and whether episodes will roll out on a weekly basis like they did in the US. 

It would be a shame not to have every episode of the Star Wars TV show at once, given that UK fans have experienced Baby Yoda meme overload on social media, and the season concluded in December 2019 in the US. 

Region delays will be less of an issue in future, of course, since original content can launch concurrently with the US. The official account mentions this, while explaining there will be some variation in content between countries, which is already the case with the different Disney Plus libraries. 

What about The Simpsons?

Some internet sleuths have noticed that Disney UK hasn't mentioned The Simpsons in its marketing, either, leading people to believe the US version's major USP of having 30 seasons of the show at launch won't be replicated here. Note, though, that this is all speculation based on one detail. Check out this trailer for the UK:

Now compare it to the French equivalent here. The key difference is the absence of a donut image that changes into the 'o' at the end of the trailer, similar to that seen in The Simpsons Movie logo. We previously asked Disney about whether The Simpsons is coming to Disney Plus UK back in January, but didn't hear back. Disney Plus in Spain also features the donut in its trailer.

We'll wait and see at launch before we dwell too much on the situation with The Simpsons, but it is a noticeable difference between those trailers. 

On a cheerier note, the UK account underlines we'll see classic animated shows like DuckTales, Chip 'n' Dale, Darkwing Duck and The Gummi Bears at launch. Disney Plus UK will cost £5.99 per month when it launches here on March 24, or £59.99 per year.

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