Is the Galaxy S21 FE Samsung's worst-kept secret? New leak suggests so

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
(Image credit: Future)

It feels like every day we're hearing a new Samsung Galaxy S21 FE leak, and it's starting to rival the Galaxy S22 as the most-rumored product right now. Case in point, Samsung itself has accidentally unveiled the phone.

As spotted by leaker Evleaks, Samsung's UAE website briefly published a support page for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, including an image of the phone and general information on using it - though there's nothing there that gives us any particular insight into the device.

As you can imagine, Samsung tore down that page pretty quickly, and it's no longer available for viewing, though SamMobile has a screenshot of it that you can see.

The image shows a phone that looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S21, and also what we expected based on other leaked renders - if the S21 FE shows up and doesn't look like this, we'll be shocked. 

Analysis: don't FE-ar, the Fan Edition is coming

We've been hearing about the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE for ages now, because it was originally expected to land in August 2021 (a year after the S20 FE).

When August came and went, rumors started circulating that the phone had been canceled - the ongoing chipset shortage made it seem likely that Samsung had cut its losses and binned the S21 FE, especially since it did the same with the Note 21.

Newer leaks suggest that's not the case though, and something like this recent news - official confirmation of the device from the company - makes it sound even more likely that the handset is on the way.

Recent rumors suggest the device could show up at annual tech show CES in early January - that'd be curiously near the expected launch date of the Galaxy S22, but at this point if the S21 FE launches at all, it'll inevitably rival the S22 series.

We'll have to wait and see, and there's still a lot that's up in the air - but the launch of the S21 FE isn't such a dubious concept anymore.

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