Is it worth insuring my laptop or Macbook?

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The second you leave your home with a gadget it's immediately more at risk from theft and breakages. And when that particular piece of hardware happens to be a pricey laptop, it makes sense that you're thinking about gadget insurance.

Whether you've got a Windows laptop PC or an Apple MacBook, you've probably spent enough on it so that the thought of it being lost, stolen or broken leaves you with an aching in the wallet region. So is it actually worth insuring your laptop or MacBook?

The short answer is likely yes. Of course there are caveats, like if you buy a secondhand or old laptop that's not actually worth that much - then the cost of insurance ends up being a waste. If you could just replace the laptop for the same amount, then you might as well skip the insurance faff and buy a new one outright. For everyone else, which is likely most people, a laptop is an expense which needs cover. 

If you think you might misplace your laptop, potentially have it stolen or have it break from a drop, a knock or even mechanical breakdown, then insurance can help. But which is best for you and what do you need to know? You can check out our general guide to the best gadget insurance here. Then read on to set your mind at rest as you place your portable computer under the protection of the cover that's right for you. 

 What does laptop insurance cover?

The main things that laptop insurance cover are exactly the type of events that are most likely to end up leaving you without a working version of your notebook. The big one here is accidental damage and yes, that usually will include water damage, (but be sure to check that's on there, just in case). 

Mechanical failure and repair are also usually covered, meaning if any component goes wrong and you are outside of your warranty period, you can still get it mended without shelling out for a new machine.

Theft is the other big problem where you can end up totally laptop-less. This is covered here where you will usually either get a replacement new version of the laptop or the money sent to you so you can buy it, or an upgrade, yourself.

Accessory cover is also a usual inclusion which is nice if you've splashed out on a fancy laptop case. Also check you've got the usual international cover so you're also protected for when you go away with work or on holiday.

 Will my home insurance cover laptops?

Usually yes - double check your policy documents to make sure - but there is a caveat that applies to all home insurance, and the clue is in the name. The second you leave your home the device will no longer be covered. So it's fine for damage inside the home, but not outside or for theft. Also be sure that your home insurance policy will cover that particular laptop as most policies have a limit on the value covered.

Also you may need to actually register your laptop as a product in order for it to be covered. So this is worth checking too, rather than just presuming you're covered and ending up with a nasty surprise when it comes to crunch time.

How much does it cost to insure laptops?

The cost of laptop insurance will vary depending on the type of laptop you have or, more to the point, its value. So a low-end budget Chromebook isn't going to cost you nearly as much to insure as, say, a new Macbook.

For cover of machines under the £1,000 mark you're looking at an annual cost of between £50 and £100. But step over that £1,000 mark, up to £2,000 and you're likely to shell out around £100 to £150 for the year. Once you go over the £2,000 laptop value you're going to have to spend a good £150 or higher.

Can I include laptops in other gadget insurance policies?

You certainly can include laptops in other insurance policies. In fact it's often a good idea to get a multi-gadget insurance policy as you can end up saving a lot of money. The only catch here is that if you know you're going to lose a phone or break it – you know who you are – then this will put the premium up so you pay more on your laptop. That said, it still might be cheaper than a separate laptop policy. 

Multi-gadget policies can include mobiles, iPhone insurance, cameras, headphones and more so if you have that sort of kit and go out and about with it often this kind of cover might be for you.

Decided that cover for your laptop is a good idea? Then head over to our dedicated guide to the best gadget insurance in order to learn more and get the perfect policy.

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