iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro design could look something like this

iPhone 12
The iPhone 12 (Image credit: TechRadar)

It’s unlikely we will see the iPhone 13 unveiled at the now officially announced Apple Spring Loaded event, and we currently expect Apple’s next smartphone to debut in September this year

While the phones may be a while away, renders based on leaked information are already showing us what the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro could look like. 

The images have been shared by 91Mobiles and MySmartPrice, and while they aren’t official renders they are based on rumored information from those website’s sources. The biggest change we can see so far is the fact the notch looks smaller than on previous devices.  

It’s worth taking these images with a pinch of salt. It’s likely the official design of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro will probably look slightly different, but if you’ve been struggling to visualize what the notch and camera layouts might look like these should help. 

What don’t the iPhone 13 renders show us? 

The renders give us an idea of what the shell might look like, though there are a few rumored details that are missing. The front display will reportedly feature a 120Hz refresh rate, though this may only be on the iPhone 13 Pro.

One Apple patent has previously suggested we could even see rates as high as 240Hz on a future iPhone. 

Similarly, while we see what the cameras may look like, we don’t get a feel for what they’re capable of from the renders. The iPhone 13 Pro’s ultra-wide camera could be bumped up to a f/1.8, six-element lens and could feature a telephoto lens that can achieve up to 2.5x optical zoom too. 

As for the internals, we could see some versions of the iPhone 13 come with 1TB of storage, as well as your usual battery life and performance upgrades from the previous iPhone 12. Finally, if you were already sad to see the headphone port removed, you could see a portless iPhone 13 released - where the only way to charge it would wirelessly.

Hamish Hector
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