iPhone 12 leak suggests Apple wants to make new iPhone all about speed

iPhone 11 Pro
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The new iPhone 12 has already been hotly tipped to increase performance, but now a new leak suggests that Apple is working to make connections between its smartphones even quicker.

According to Japanese Apple rumors site Macotakara, Apple's 2020 iPhone will be using the the new 802.11ay specification, which would possibly allow it to share content at speeds of at least 20-30Gbps.

The obvious use for this is sharing photos, videos and more between iPhones, effectively turbocharging AirDrop for compatible devices (future Macs bearing this standard would also be able to benefit).

However, it could signify Apple getting ready for more advanced connectivity for its iPhone range - in theory, it could help create instant connections between smart glasses or a VR headset (the former more likely, as Apple has long been cool on the possibility of launching virtual reality hardware for the iPhone).

This extra speed sits alongside recent rumors that the iPhone 12 will have another RAM boost, alongside the new A14 chipset inside capable of industry-beating speeds - perhaps this will be limited to the iPhone 12 Pro versions of the device, but it seems Apple is keen to sell its next device on a seamless connection.

A 5G iPhone?

The bigger question is whether Apple is likely to launch a 5G iPhone 12, which seems to be predicated on whether the US has a large enough 5G network in operation by that time.

"With respect to 5G, I think we’re in the early innings of its deployment on its global basis," Cook said during Apple's latest earnings call when asked about a potential iPhone 5G.

However, some analysts believe that 2020 is indeed the year we'll see a 5G iPhone, citing the fact that consumers will need a reason to update their device - plus the rumors of Apple developing its own 5G connectivity too.

Finally, a Tile rival?

The report from Macotakara also suggested that the Apple Tag, a device that attaches to things like keys, wallets and other things you might not want to lose, is finally going to be launched this year.

Much vaunted to appear at the iPhone 11's unveiling, the Apple Tag would be a direct Tile rival, and would apparently be both water resistant the able to be charged wirelessly in the same manner as the Apple Watch (on a magnetic charger).

It looks like the iPhone 12 launch is going to be a big one - we're going to be reporting everything you need to know on the (expected) unveiling of September 8.

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