Vimeo launches on-demand service so video makers can sell their wares

Vimeo launches on-demand service so video makers can sell their wares
Screw you Hollywood, indie is the way forward

Classy video sharing website Vimeo has launched a new on demand service that lets filmmakers sell their wares in exchange for a 10 per cent cut.

All Vimeo Pro members can give Vimeo On Demand a go from today, allowing them to sell videos through Vimeo and their own websites.

You'll be able to pick your price, as well as choose what countries your opus is available in and tweak the page design on Vimeo's site.

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Vimeo's 93 million monthly users can chose to buy Vimeo On Demand videos through the desktop site, mobile apps, connected TV devices like Apple TV and Xbox Live, and through the biggest Smart TV platform apps - all in lovely HD.

The first video to hit the on demand service will be It's Such a Beautiful Day, a remastered animation that the company will screen at SXSW today before offering for rent and sale through Vimeo on demand - yours for $2 to rent (around £1 / AU$1.50) or $6 to buy (around £3 / AU$5.50).

The latest in a string of updates designed to help filmmakers get the most out of their videos, Vimeo also recently launched a 'tip jar' initiative whereby video watchers can pay the creators what they think the videos are worth.

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