Inbase announces Urban Fab smartwatch for kids - pricing, availability and specifications

Urban Fab smartwatch
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Inbase grabbed the eyeballs previously with the launch of the Urban smartwatch series in India. Now, the company has rolled out a new smartwatch, Urban Fab smartwatch, specifically designed for kids in the age bracket of 5 to 15 years. The smartwatch comes with four pre-installed games, including Fly a Plane, 2048, Maze, and Candy Crush. 

In addition to that, these watches also offer a child lock that allows the guardians to put a password on it so that the kids cannot use it just for entertainment. Furthermore, the wearable also has 10 different alarm settings for kids like waking up early, doing homework, sleeping time, and other regular stuff. 

Urban Fab smartwatch pricing and availability 

Inbase Urban Fab smartwatch will ship at a price of Rs 5,499 and can be purchased starting from December 25. However, under the introductory offer, the watch will be first sold at a price of Rs 2,999. The device will be available in four different colors, including Blue, Pink, Army Green, and Light Purple. 

Urban Fab smartwatch specifications

The Urban Fab smartwatch comes with more than 100 watch faces to choose from. The wearable has an IP68 rating which makes it water-resistant. The device also has health-based features like a sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, activity tracker, etc. As claimed by Inbase, the battery of the smartwatch can go on for seven days once charged completely, and it has a standby time of 14 days straight. 

Apart from that, the brand is also offering a 12 months warranty on the device. As of now, there is no confirmation regarding where the new smartwatch by Inbase will be available. However, speculation is that it will be available on Amazon India for purchase.  

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