HTC Vive's best VR headsets are down to their lowest-ever prices this Black Friday

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The Black Friday deals are rolling in as we get closer to Black Friday proper, (November 25) and HTC is the latest brand to reward buyers who've being holding out for some great deals.

These Black Friday HTC Vive deals can get you the Vive Flow glasses at their lowest-ever price, while the Vive Pro and Vive Pro 2 come with a free year-long subscription to Viveport Infinity, which is one of the best subscription services for VR games. Plus, if you pick up its premium headsets from you’ll get the Vive Racket Sports Set bundled in for no extra cost.

The deals directly below are at Vive's UK store and Amazon UK - if you're not in the UK, you can find the best Vive VR deals in your region further down the page.

Today's best HTC Vive VR headset deals in the UK

Vive Flow: £499 now £379 at Amazon

Vive Flow: was £499 now £379 at Amazon
These smart specs bridge the gap between AR glasses and VR headsets, making for a virtual reality device that's not too cumbersome but isn’t the most feature-packed either. This deal saves you £120, and also packages in a controller, so you can play games, watch films and socialize in VR. That said, at this price point you may be better off getting Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 Black Friday deal instead (more on that below).

Vive Pro 2 Full Kit: £1,299 now £1,199 at

Vive Pro 2 Full Kit: was £1,299 now £1,199 at
This isn’t the biggest discount, but factor in that you get a free year of VivePort Infinity (usually £107.88 for an annual subscription) and a free Vive Racket Sports Set (usually £70) on top of this £100 saving and it's certainly not the worst either. In our four-star review we commended the Vive Pro 2 for its incredible visuals and audio, but the controllers and heat management could use an upgrade.

Vive Pro Full Kit: £919 now £719 at

Vive Pro Full Kit: was £919 now £719 at
If you're content with the older Vive Pro, you can snatch it up for a much cheaper price than normal this Black Friday. While it may not be as impressive as the newer version (we only gave it a three-and-a-half-star review as while the experience it provided was good it generally felt clunky) it still offers solid performance, plus this deal comes with the same free year of VivePort Infinity (£107.88) and a free Vive Racket Sports Set (£70) as the bundle on the Pro 2 above.

If you’re after something high-end then HTC’s VR hardware has you covered. Yes, they’re pricey – even with this year’s Black Friday discounts – but the Vive Pro and Vive Pro 2 are some of the most impressive headsets out there.

These headsets are compatible with Viveport and Steam VR, giving you access to a huge library that contains many of the best VR games out there. Plus they offer impressive visuals – the Pro 2 boasts a 2448 x 2448-pixel screen per eye with a 120Hz refresh rate, and gives you a 120-degree field of view. You just need to make sure your PC is powerful enough to be able to run them – unlike Meta’s Quest 2 these headsets can’t power themselves.

However, those of you who are after a more budget-friendly VR experience might want to instead check out Meta’s Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals. The Viveport Flow is interesting, but we doubt it’ll offer any experience as fun as playing the best Oculus 2 games on Meta’s more capable hardware. Couple that with Meta’s best VR headset being priced at only £349 / £349 – and it comes with two free games, Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4 – and this year's Quest 2 deal is simply much, much better.

But if neither the HTC Vive nor Quest 2 deal takes your fancy then you might also want to consider this year's Pico 4 Black Friday deal. Sure, you have to pay full price for the Pico 4 VR headset (it starts at £379) but you get three free games: RuinsMagus, After the Fall, and Les Mills BodyCombat.

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