How to watch The Drowning online: stream Channel 5 miniseries from anywhere

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Nine years after the disappearance of her four-year-old son, Jodie (Jill Halfpenny) passes teenager Daniel on the street and her world comes tumbling down. Convinced that he's the boy she lost all those years ago, Jodie is prepared to stop at nothing to make Daniel her own. Here's how to watch The Drowning online from anywhere – including how to stream it 100% free for anyone in the UK with Channel 5 live or on-demand.

Tom went missing during a family outing at Lough Dan, and though his body was never found he was presumed to have drowned in the lake, a theory that Jodie had come to accept on the road to rebuilding her life without him.

How to watch The Drowning online

When: Every night from February 1-4

Time: 9pm GMT

Stream: watch for FREE on My5 live and on-demand

Watch anywhere: tune in today with a top-class VPN

But a chance encounter with Daniel (Cody Molka) changes everything, and after following him to school and posing as a teacher, Jodie goes to ever more extreme lengths to embed herself in the teenager's life - and convince him that she's his mother. 

Daniel's father, Mark (Rupert Penry-Jones), as well as Jodie's brother (Jonas Armstrong) and mother (Deborah Findley) try desperately to keep them apart, but the patched-up scars of Tom's loss have been ripped open, and after losing her son once Jodie will do anything to not let it happen again, despite what everyone thinks of her.  

Did Tom drown, or was he abducted? As Jodie digs deeper, it begins to appear that the events of that day at Lough Dan perhaps weren't what they appeared to be... 

Sympathy gives way to outrage and suspense in this four-part miniseries, which explores grief, truth and memory, and continually flips everything on its head. Read on as we explain how to watch The Drowning online from anywhere in 2021.

watch the Drowning free online

How to watch The Drowning online FREE in the UK

which is completely free-to-air

You can watch The Drowning on Channel 5, which is completely free-to-air provided you have a valid UK TV license, at 9pm GMT every night from February 1-4.

If you miss an episode, or if you'd just prefer to stream The Drowning on a portable device, the broadcaster's free My5 streaming service will let you watch every part on-demand as soon as it's aired - and My5 also offers a live TV feed.

Obviously things get a little bit more complicated if you're currently outside of the UK. If you're abroad for whatever reason, using a VPN can allow you to tune into a UK server and watch like you're home. Find out more below.

How to watch The Drowning on Channel 5 from abroad

If you're currently living in the UK, watching The Drowning is simple, as it's airing on Channel 5 from February 1-4. If you're abroad, however, things get a bit more complicated. Trying to tune in to My5 will hit you with a geo-block telling you that you're in the wrong country.

Luckily, this is easy to resolve, as you can simply download and use a VPN to watch it. A VPN is a nifty bit of kit changes your IP address, allowing you to connect to your favourite on-demand services and watch all of its premium content regardless of where you’re streaming from.

Then you can easily sit back and tune into The Drowning wherever you are.

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