How to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 3 online from anywhere

watch Star Trek: Discovery season 3 online
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What does the future hold for this award-winning series? Propelling viewers forward 930 years into unknown territory, expect even more visual spectacle, breath-taking action, and progressive politics than the past two seasons. Read on as we detail how to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 3 online from anywhere.

Please note that season 2 spoilers follow - you can scroll down for your watching options

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 Cheat Sheet

The season 3 premiere of Star Trek: Discovery is on Thursday, October 15, exclusively on CBS All Access. Membership is $5.99 a month after your 7-day free trial, and new episodes become available on-demand every Thursday. Elsewhere in the world, there's the chance to watch it all play out on Netflix - keep reading to discover how.

Season 2 concluded with the Enterprise, Captain Pike, and Spock being left behind in the ‘present’, as the Discovery nosedived into the 32nd century to outrun an artificial intelligence program called ‘Control’. Projecting the action further into the future than any instalment of Star Trek yet, showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise emancipated themselves from the constraints of existing Star Trek timelines, opening up Season 3 to the exploration of whole new worlds.

Reunited in the year 3188 are the fearless Michael Burnham; Saru, first officer of USS Discovery; science officer Paul Stamets and his husband, Dr Hugh Culber, and the ambitious Sylvia Tilly. New to the show, however, are Blu de Barrio as Adira, Ian Alexander as Gray, and David Ajala as Cleveland “Book” Booker. The latter forebodingly alludes to an event called The Burn, described as “the day the galaxy took a hard left”. How did the past play out? And what has become of the Federation, whose diminished flag we see?

It looks to be a thrillingly dramatic season, but equally, heart-warming and hopeful. So, hold on as we detail how to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 3 online, and prepare to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Watch Star Trek: Discovery season 3 online from outside your country

Going on an out-of-this world vacation or leaving your sector on Federation business? Either way, if you’re out of the country when the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery drops on CBS All Access, regional restrictions will stop you getting online access to the show.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. Downloading a VPN will allow you to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 3 online no matter where you’re situated. This simple piece of software changes your IP address, so you can access each episode live or catch-up with the series, just as if you were at home.

our personal favorite is ExpressVPN

While there are a load of VPNs currently available, our personal favorite is ExpressVPN. Not only is It super quick but it is also very safe, secure and uncomplicated to use. It's compatible with numerous devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Xbox, PlayStation, and both iOS and Android software.

What makes ExpressVPN even more enticing is its flexible 30-day money back guarantee. But then again, if you sign up for an annual plan you'll get a 49% discount and 3 months extra FREE - a brilliant deal on an essential bit of software. And it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can give it a try without any risk.

Once downloaded, search for the location of your home country or select it from the pre-defined list. The just click connect, and you’ll be able to watch Star Trek online from wherever you are in the galaxy.

How to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 3 online in the US


Live long and prosper! The USS Discovery crash lands on October 15 with premiere episode ‘That Hope is You’, and new episodes are available every Thursday thereafter.

This series is exclusive to CBS All Access in the US, so you’ll have to register to its streaming site to keep-up with the 32nd century adventures of Michael, Saru, Paul et al.

It’s $5.99 for their Limited Commercials plan, or $9.99 to stream without interruption. Both options come with one week FREE and you can cancel any time, so you could watch episodes free of charge.

Expecting to stick around? You’ll save 15% if you purchase an annual subscription. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to mine their library of CBS hits, including The Good Fight, Survivor, The Twilight Zone, and Star Trek: Picard.

How to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 3 online in the UK


Vulcans, Humans, Kelpians: lend us your ears! UK viewers can enjoy all the intrigues of new Star Trek: Discover on Netflix. New episodes land every Friday, just a day after their US showing.

Unfortunately there’s no free trial, but the entry-level option is just £5.99 a month. And for that you can not only watch new and old seasons of Discovery, but a whole heap of Trek: the original series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, and more.

If you’re hoping for a winter break but don’t want to miss the all new season of Discovery, never fear. Purchasing a VPN means you can connect to your streaming service from absolutely anywhere. Impressive, right?

How to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 3 online in Canada


Trekkies in the Great White North have two options. Firstly, cable channels CTV Sci-Fi and the French-language speciality channel Z will host Star Trek: Discovery season 3 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT on Thursdays.

If you don’t have access to cable, then OTT service Crave has got your back. It will add the first episode to its content library on Friday, October 16, and new instalments a day after their broadcast on CTV Sci-Fi. A Crave subscription is $9.99 per month (plus tax), and provides access to hundreds of hit TV shows and movies, including premium content courtesy of HBO and Showtime.

Currently residing in a different country and don’t want to sign-up for a brand-new service? You can access your favorite OTT platform back home with the best VPN, which will update your IP address at warp speed and allow you to watch Star Trek: Discovery online from anywhere.

How to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 3 online in Australia


Star Trek fans in Australia can see what the future looks like, thanks, once again, to Netflix, with the streaming service adding new episodes of Discovery weekly on Fridays. At AUS$10.99 a month for its Basic plan it's pretty cheap too – but if you don’t mind paying more, you can enjoy four simultaneous streams and Ultra HD content.

Temporarily waving good bye to the Antipodes? Want to know what the future holds for Michael and the crew of the USS Discovery? If you answered yes to both, you’ll be relieved to know that a VPN will let you watch new Star Trek: Discovery season 3 online from anywhere – even far, far outside of Federation space!

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