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Hold up: one of the best gaming SSDs is nearly half off on Amazon

WD Black SN750 deal
(Image credit: WD)

SSD storage is getting cheaper, there are still drives that come out and absolutely blow the competition out of the water - and still cost an arm and a leg at launch price. Yet one of these juicy SSDs, the WD Black SN750, can be yours for nearly half off at Amazon. 

Amazon is holding a sale for this hard drive just in time for the holidays, scoring you a 1TB WD Black SN750 for just $129 – a whopping $120 off the list price. If you're a PC gamer looking for a sick storage upgrade, this is 100% the one you need to go for. 

WD Black SN750 | 1TB: $249 $129 at Amazon
The WD Black SN750 is without a doubt one of the best SSDs on the market for PC gamers, thanks to its jaw-dropping random read/write speeds. And now you can save a gargantuan $120 on this amazing gaming SSD at Amazon.View Deal

While it's not the fastest SSD we've ever tested – that honor goes to the Samsung 970 Pro – it gets really close. When it comes to sequential read speeds, it hits 3,459 MB/s, which is almost at the Samsung 970's 3,556 MB/s. However, because this SSD is designed with PC gaming in mind, the random read speeds – which reflect how PC game loading screens – blow the Samsung 970 Pro out of the water. 

Basically, if you're a PC gamer, and you just want the fastest loading times, the WD Black SN750 is probably the best SSD for you. It's usually a very expensive drive, but this Holiday deal makes it a no-brainer. Now might be the time to make that SSD upgrade you've been waiting for.