Hisense 4K TVs fall to record low prices

Hisense 4K TV deal
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If you're after a top budget 4K TV deal then the Hisense Roku TV range is an excellent choice, and right now these displays are back down to their lowest ever prices at Argos. With models ranging from 43 to 55 inches, you can snag yourself a bargain on one of these excellent cheap 4K TVs featuring all the streaming apps you could ever need, including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney Plus and more.

Of the three 4K TVs on offer, the 50-inch model is the best value for money at just £349 (was £399). That places it at one of the cheapest prices you'll likely find for a 50-inch 4K TV and matches the discount it saw earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the slightly larger 55-inch version offers the biggest discount at £100 off its usual price, bringing it down to £399. It has been this low a number of times in the past few months, though regularly bounces back up to £429 or £499 so best to take advantage of this opportunity while you can.

Lastly, if you're after a smaller screen, then the compact 43-inch 4K TV is also reduced to £299 (was £349) – perfect for a tighter space or a second TV for the bedroom. Already a bargain for a 4K TV at its usual price, this latest £50 discount is an even sweeter deal for a top budget TV.

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Today's best Hisense 4K TV deals

43-inch Hisense Roku 4K TV: £349£299 at Argos
Save £50 -

43-inch Hisense Roku 4K TV: £349 £299 at Argos
Save £50 -
It's the smallest screen size available, but the £50 price cut does mean you're still getting a lot for just £300. This is a terrific choice if you want a simple budget Smart TV that can access all the major streaming apps and is the lowest price you can expect to pay for a 4K TV of this size.

50-inch Hisense Roku 4K TV: £399£349 at ArgosSave £50

50-inch Hisense Roku 4K TV: £399 £349 at Argos
Save £50 - By jumping up to the 50-inch screen you'll be able to better appreciate the 4K and HDR features on the TV. This latest £50 drop matches the lowest price the TV has ever been and offers a huge saving compared to similar sized 4K TVs, so now's a great time to pick it up.

55-inch Hisense Roku 4K TV: £499£399 at ArgosSave £100

55-inch Hisense Roku 4K TV: £499 £399 at Argos
Save £100 - With the largest discount of £100, we're seeing a return to a record low price on this 55-inch model - a cost we have seen a few times throughout the year. It's definitely worth considering if your budget stretches that far as you'll get the best and most immersive viewing experience when watching films, TV shows and more.

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