Here's more evidence that Google is working on its own headphones

We've heard whispers that Google is working on its very own version of the Apple AirPods and those rumors make a lot of sense to us. Now there's more evidence for the existence of this new audio device - a new Headphones category on the official Google support page.

It looks very much like Google is gearing up to bring its own headphones to market, and the smart money would be on them launching alongside the Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 at the start of October, though they'll almost definitely work with any Android handset.

Why does it make sense? Well because it gives users who love wireless ear dongles another reason to stick with Android rather than switching to an iPhone for a start. What's more, it would help soften the blow of the Pixel 2 removing the 3.5mm headphone jack. Finally, plenty of other companies are bringing out wireless options, including the Jabra Elite Sport headphones you can see above.

Listen up

Unfortunately we don't know much yet about these headphones, but seeing them as AirPods for Android is probably on the mark. Apparently they have had the codename 'Bisto' during development at Google, though that might not be the final name, and they'll be able to use Google Assistant to respond to commands.

Connection is likely to be over Bluetooth though there might be wired USB-C versions or perhaps an optional dongle of some kind. A battery indicator for the new buds has previously been spotted in the code for the Google app for Android.

We're also not sure about pricing or whether these headphones will come bundled in the box as an extra gift for Pixel 2 buyers - Apple's AirPods are sold separately and cost $159/£159/AU$229. October 5 is tipped to be the launch date for Google's new flagships, so check back then.

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