Here's more evidence that an Apple One subscription service is coming

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You can sign up for plenty of Apple subscriptions nowadays – from Apple Music to Apple TV Plus – and now there's more evidence that Apple is planning to offer several of them together in a bundle called Apple One.

Code discovered in iOS by 9to5Mac and website domain registrations spotted by MacRumors both apparently confirm the Apple One name, though we don't get much in the way of additional details about what's coming.

Previous reports based on inside information suggest that several different packages will be available, starting with the audio and video streaming services, then moving up to include Apple Arcade and even iCloud storage.

There might even be a new service in the mix too: the rumor is that Apple is about to launch a digital health and fitness subscription, similar to those offered by Fitbit and Peloton, which will be included in Apple One.

Subscribe and save

The advantage of Apple One, if indeed it does appear, is that you'd save money compared with picking up all of these subscriptions individually – though obviously the cheapest option would be to not sign up for anything.

From Apple's perspective, it would hopefully get more people committed to making a payment month after month. It might also be a way of driving more users to less well-known Apple products, such as Apple News Plus.

For now we don't know exactly what the pricing for Apple One will be, though Apple isn't going to want to set it so high that it puts users off. If you already subscribe to several of these services, you might be able to save a bit of cash each month.

We could well hear more about Apple One this week, as Apple has a launch event scheduled for Tuesday, September 15. We're expecting a new Apple Watch and a new iPad Air to show up, and perhaps some Apple One details – though the iPhone 12 unveiling might come a few weeks later.

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