We might have a name for Google's upcoming Android TV dongle

Google Chromecast
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All the rumors are pointing towards a new video and audio streaming dongle from Google, one that works like a Chromecast but that also comes with its own Android TV software and is able to run apps.

According to Artem Russakovskii from Android Police, the device has popped up in the product database at Target, and is listed with the name "Google Chromecast with Google TV" – that fits the Android TV rebranding we heard about back in May.

The pricing of the device is listed at $49.99 (about £39 / AU$69). That's slightly lower than previous rumors, but significantly more than the $29.99 standard Chromecast that Google currently sells.

Colors for the device are listed as well: it looks as though the new Android/Google TV dongle is going to come in a pink Summer Melon, a gray Rock Candy, and a blue Summer Blue when it appears.

What we know so far

If Android TV does indeed become Google TV, it will of course happen across the board, not just on this device. You may remember Android TV was originally called Google TV, so there's a certain symmetry there.

From the leaks we've seen so far, the dongle will plug into the back of your television set and serve up all the audio and video content you need from all the regular apps. It will apparently also come with its own remote.

Despite developing Android TV, Google doesn't actually make its own hardware running the operating system – instead you can find it on devices like the Nvidia Shield TV and built into a variety of television sets.

Having already been seen in regulatory listings, it shouldn't be too long before the Google TV device is officially announced. In fact it might show up at the same time as the new Nest speaker if Google is planning a major hardware refresh.

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