Apple One service could land alongside iPhone 12 to make subscriptions cheaper

Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade is one of many Apple services you could save on with Apple One (Image credit: Future)

Apple seemingly has a lot of things to announce in the next couple of months, as alongside new hardware such as the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch 6, the company also apparently has a new subscription bundle planned, called Apple One.

That’s according to “people with knowledge of the effort” speaking to Bloomberg, who claim that Apple One would be a bundle of multiple Apple services at a discounted price.

Supposedly there would be several tiers, with the basic Apple One package including both Apple Music and Apple TV Plus, while a pricier version would also add Apple Arcade, another step up would add Apple News Plus, and the top tier would additionally give you more iCloud storage.

The sources also claim that Apple is working on a new subscription service that would offer virtual fitness classes, which could be accessed on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. This service would also apparently be part of one of the higher end Apple One bundles.

The more you spend, the more you save

Supposedly Apple’s plans and the structure of the bundles could change, so even if these sources are right it’s possible that Apple won’t deliver the service in this exact form. But the basic idea is apparently to motivate people to subscribe to more services by offering a discount, which could apparently come in at between around $2-$5 (roughly £1.5-£4 / AU$3-AU$7) per month.

The Apple One bundles would also apparently support Apple’s Family Sharing system, meaning up to six people could access a bundle.

If Apple One is really in the works then we should know the official details soon, as the sources claim it will be launched in October alongside the iPhone 12 – a claim which also adds another voice to the whispers that we won’t see the iPhone 12 in September.

TechRadar will be sure to cover all the big Apple announcements in full whenever they happen, so stay tuned for updates.

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