Here's how you can buy the iPhone 8 for half the price


If you've been putting off buying a swanky new iPhone because there's absolutely nothing wrong with your current phone, then Apple may be trying to coax you into buying a new one anyway.

It's currently offering up to AED 1,550 in store credit towards a new iPhone if you swap in your older iPhone (or certain other handsets).



So in theory if you were to bring in your iPhone 7, you could pick up a 64GB silver iPhone 8 for AED 1,609, down from the original price of AED 2,849. Obviously older models such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 will yield a lot less store credit, even if they're in an immaculate condition.

It's interesting to note that the credit on offer is irrespective of what capacity iPhone you bring in, so if you swap in a 64GB or 128GB device you'll get the same amount of credit. 

A quick call to the Apple store in Mall of the Emirates revealed that stocks of the iPhone 8 are available.

Should you trade in your current iPhone?

Despite these savings, many users are opting to skip the iPhone 8 and just wait for when the iPhone X goes on sale. We've already written why it doesn't make sense to buy the iPhone 8 Plus, and our hands-on review of the iPhone 8 reveals that little has actually changed in the device. 

The iPhone X stands to be the future of the iPhone, so if you really want to buy one, we suggest holding off until then.