Google's new Chrome OS tablet is the latest device to appear in leaked images

Google Pixelbook

We already know a lot about what to expect at Google's October 9 hardware launch event next week – yet more Pixel 3 leaks showed up yesterday – and the latest unofficial images to hit the web show off the look of the Chrome OS tablet Google has got in the pipeline.

Believed to be called the Pixel Slate, the tablet is apparently going to take on the likes of the Surface Pro by offering both tablet and laptop forms (depending on whether you've got a clip-on keyboard attached). It's been a popular form factor in recent years and it makes sense that Google would want something in this particular niche.

Based on the images posted by MySmartPrice, we're looking at a thin tablet with a USB-C port (or two) and a fingerprint reader. It looks like the device will come in a dark blue color, and appears to have a software interface that varies slightly from the standard Chrome OS.

Pixel Slate leak

Pixel Slate leak

Based on some images obtained by 9to5Google, there's also going to be a new dark blue Pixelbook Pen to match the device, which we're presuming is going to go on sale for the same $99/£99 price that the current white edition retails for on the Google Store.

What we don't know yet are the specs that the Pixel Slate is going to offer – it might not have the high-end components of the PIxelbook, if Google decides to make this a cheaper proposition for buyers. Something we have heard on the grapevine is that the device might enable users to dual-boot Windows 10 and Chrome OS if needed.

Whatever the details, it seems a good bet the Pixel Slate, an official keyboard accessory, and a new Pixelbook Pen will break cover on October 9. Add to that the unveiling of two flagship phones, and it looks like being an event well worth keeping an eye on.

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