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Google's Gboard for Android gets stickers and Bitmoji

(Image credit: Google)

From predictive text to YouTube support, Google is continually making improvements to Gboard, its keyboard add-on.

The latest addition coming to Gboard are two standbys for any fans of illustrating their feelings in a chat: sticker packs and Bitmoji.

Not unlike applications such as Facebook Messenger and Google's own Allo, using stickers and Bitmoji is easy: first, you download sticker packs and/or set up a Bitmoji avatar, then link them to Gboard. 

From there, stickers and Bitmoji stamps work the same as sprinkling emojis into your text using the menu on the bottom of your keyboard, letting you insert cute little reactions, comebacks and more into any application that supports posting images. 

At the time of writing, some sticker packs available for Gboard include famous characters and imagery from Google Allo's selfie stickers, Disney, Hello Kitty, Garfield, Star Wars and more.  

Gboard's latest features roll out to Android users starting today. While Google hopes to expand the update to iOS users in the future, a representative told TechRadar that no plans have been announced at this time.