Google Stadia will feature The Division 2 and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

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Google has revealed just some of the games coming to its Google Stadia game-streaming service along with the first solid details on subscription services. 

During Stadia Connect, Google announced games coming to the service will include The Division 2, the upcoming Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Mortal Kombat 11, Baldur's Gate 3 and Rage 2 (alongside many, many more). However, no firm release date was given for when the service will launch.

Check out the video below:

What about internet connection?

Image credit: Google

Image credit: Google

Google states that, at the highest quality, Stadia will run games in 4K HDR at 60fps with 5.1 Surround Sound. This is based on a connection speed of 35 mb/s. 

But what if your internet connection isn't quite that fast? Google assures players that they can still enjoy Stadia with lower connection speeds, with a 10 mb/s connection allowing you to stream games at 720p. It's not ideal, but it's something.

Google Stadia will apparently run on tablets, TVs and the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a  and Pixel 3a XL without the need for a console - all you need is a monitor.

The Stadia will run via your Chrome browser on most devices, the Stadia app on smartphones or through the Chromecast plug-in on TV. 

If you don't want to purchase the Google Stadia controller then you can play with either mouse and keyboard or any supported controller.

Stadia Pro and Stadia Base

Image credit: Google

Image credit: Google

Google also revealed the first details of the Stadia's subscription services. The premium Stadia Pro subscription will cost $9.99 (about £8, AU$14) a month and will allow members to access regular content that is added to the Stadia library. In addition, Stadia Pro membership will allow games to be streamed in 4K HDR at 60fps in 5.1 Surround Sound.

Stadia Pro also allows members to access the full Destiny 2 experience including the base game, previous add-ons and all DLC up to and including Shadowkeep. You'll even be able to transfer your Guardian from another game to Stadia (though not PS4 apparently).

However, there is also a free option: Stadia Base. Base allows you to individually purchase games on Stadia without subscribing to the monthly fee (but you won't get the same streaming quality).

Google Stadia Founder's Edition

Image credit: Google

Image credit: Google

Google is offering the Stadia Founder’s Edition bundle for those who wish to get their hands on the service earlier than everyone else. The bundle costs $129 and is only available for a limited time.

Here's what comes with it:

  • First access to Stadia
  • A Chromecast ultra
  • Three months Stadia Pro
  • Limited edition night blue controller
  • Three month buddy pass for friend
  • First choice of Google Stadia name

If you want to buy an extra controller (which come in clearly white, black and wasabi green), you can purchase one for $69 (about £55, AU$99).

This will be available in: US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Finland, and Denmark. However, Google has said it wants to roll it out to more countries from 2020 onwards.

Google Stadia games

Image credit: Ubisoft

Image credit: Ubisoft

Here's the full list of games confirmed for Google Stadia so far:

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