Google Pixel 7a design and colors leak out in unboxing images

Google Pixel 6a
A follow-up to the Pixel 6a is on the way (Image credit: TechRadar / Stephen Lambrechts)

We're probably only days away from the official unveiling of the Google Pixel 7a, and now unboxing images of the mid-range phone have leaked out online, showing off the design of the handset and two of the colors it's going to be available in.

The snaps have appeared courtesy of seasoned tipster SnoopyTech (via 9to5Google), and they reveal a shape, size and aesthetic that's pretty much as we expected. The familiar Pixel camera bump is visible on the back, for example.

We get a look at the dark gray version of the Pixel 7a, which will apparently be called Cobalt, and the pale blue edition that will be called Arctic Blue. This shade of blue is new for the Pixel series, and has appeared in previously leaked images too.

What's in the box?

The photos also show us the straightforward packaging that the Google Pixel 7a is going to come in. As with recent models like the Google Pixel 6a, don't expect there to be a power adapter in the box – you'll need to buy one separately.

That images like these are appearing now suggests a launch is close. All the signs are that Google is going to announce the phone at the Google IO 2023 event, which gets underway with a keynote presentation on May 10.

We will of course be covering the event live, and bringing you news of everything that Google announces. There should be lots more information about what's coming with Android 14, as well as quite possibly the Google Pixel Fold.

Analysis: the Pixel 7a looks promising

There's no way you can really judge a phone before it's even come out of course, but everything we've heard so far about the Pixel 7a – from fairly reliable if unofficial sources – suggests that Google has produced another promising phone in the Pixel series.

The Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro impressed us with what they had to offer, on the whole, and so a mid-range version of these phones that makes some sensible trade-offs between performance and price should be an appealing proposition.

When it comes to upgrades over the Pixel 6a, the specs under the hood are going to be significantly better, and there's also a rumor that Face Unlock will be coming to the Pixel 7a – that would be a first for this mid-range series of handsets, and most welcome.

Only a few days ago we saw the Pixel 7a leak out in a rather attractive orange color, and we like the look of that as well. As always, the price point is going to be very important, so we hope that the phone goes on sale for a reasonable sum.

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