Google Pixel 6a mentioned by Google itself… in a coloring book

Google Pixel 6
A Google Pixel 6 (Image credit: Future)

At this point there’s no shortage of Google Pixel 6a leaks, but it seems that Google itself wanted to get in on the act, as it’s mentioned the Pixel 6a by name in a coloring book.

This unusual leak was found in a coloring book that the company sent out to select members of its Pixel Superfans program. The book contains images of a number of Google products for fans to color in, and in a ‘featured products’ index at the back it mentions that the Pixel 6a can be found on pages 6-7.

Sadly, the Google Pixel 6a isn’t to be found on those pages, or reportedly any other page, but the mention of it suggests that it’s in the works, and that it will be called the Pixel 6a.

It’s not clear whether this was an intentional tease or – more likely – a mistake, but it’s arguably the best evidence yet of the Pixel 6a’s existence.

Whatever the case, we probably won’t get an official look at the Pixel 6a until at least May, as that’s when it’s rumored to be landing – though the Pixel 5a landed in August 2021, so there’s a chance we’ll be waiting until August of this year.

In the meantime, if you want to have a look through the coloring book for yourself then you can, as a digital version of it can be found at

Analysis: there’s a long history of companies leaking their own products

As unusual as it is to find the Pixel 6a mentioned in a coloring book of all places, it’s not so unusual to see a company accidentally mention or show a product early.

For example, Samsung recently listed the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (along with prices) on one of its websites before the phone had been announced, and a few years ago it similarly mentioned the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 range, along with some key features, on one of its websites ahead of announcement.

Over the years we’ve also seen similar leaks from Sony, Huawei and other companies, not to mention major retailers like Amazon, which has leaked both its own products and those of other brands.

So this is just the latest in a long line of companies getting ahead of themselves and revealing products before it was time.

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