Google Pixel 2 will launch October 4 with promise of long battery life

Update: We've received invitations to Google's October 4th event, so expect plenty of on-the-ground coverage from us both in London and San Francisco.

Although it didn’t say the words outright, a cryptic video posted by Google appears to confirm the launch date of October 4 for the Google Pixel 2

In said video below, Google poses its upcoming phone as the search result, as in the solution, to a wide variety of common complaints from phone users.

Google was careful not to namedrop the Pixel 2 or utter a single spec that we’ve heard so much about already through many, many leaks over time. But there is a bit of info to surmise here.

Pixel-by-pixel analysis

The playful searches hone in on skills that the original Google Pixel was already pretty stellar at and we assume its successor will be even more proficient. 

Things like battery performance, waterproofing, image quality, and providing an added layer of smarts via the Google Assistant could very well make the Pixel 2 one of 2017's best smartphones.

This teaser drops just hours after eagle-eye Boston residents noticed a fresh billboard that also confirms the October 4 launch, but had “Ask more from your phone” plastered on.

Whether the Google Pixel 2 will be waterproof or lack a headphone jack are questions that not even Google can answer, but we don’t have long to wait now.

Cameron Faulkner

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