Get up to £700 off the price of iPhone 12 deals when you trade in your old phone

iPhone 12 deals
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All four new iPhone 12 devices are now available to buy and while there are a lot of iPhone 12 deals out there to choose from, one thing they all have in common is they're going to cost you a hefty chunk of money.

However, if you've been a responsible phone owner, you should have an old handet ready to trade-in when you make the upgrade. If this is the case, you could be in the position to cut up to £700 off the price of the iPhone 12 or the other 2020 iPhones when you go through

However, it will come as no surprise that the £700 value requires a big trade in of a fully working 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max. For something more realistic, A fully working iPhone 64GB iPhone XR will net you £310 off the price - not bad at all.

While this value is especially noticeable on iPhone 12 Pro Max deals where the costs are enough to leave your wallet whimpering in the corner, it can also help bring iPhone 12 Mini deals down to next to nothing.

Below we've listed the iPhone 12 contracts these trade-ins will get you the most value. While normally we would say to hold out for Black Friday iPhone deals, we really can't see the iPhone 12 getting any major discounts during this time.

iPhone 12 Mini deals: trade-in offers


iPhone 12 Mini: at | Vodafone | £235 upfront | 54GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £30pm
The cheapest of the four handsets, it is easy to get some affordable monthly bills on the iPhone 12 Mini if you trade in the right handset. Even if you traded in an iPhone XR or something around that age, you would completely remove all of the upfront costs and more here while still also getting 54GB of data.


iPhone 12 Mini: at | Vodafone | £330 upfront | 6GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £23pm
If you have a handset worth a bit more to trade in and have your heart set on a cheap iPhone 12 Mini, this contract could be the better choice. With an upfront cost of £330, you could quite easily completely remove these with the right trade in. Then you'd be left paying just £23 a month.

iPhone 12 deals: trade-in offers


iPhone 12: at | Vodafone | £330 upfront | 54GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £30pm
The iPhone 12 can be yours with monthly bills of just £30...if you pay £330 upfront. This is another one of those offers where if you have the right handset, you can trade in and score a massive discount. £30 a month would equal less than the value of the iPhone 12 SIM-free, making this a great offer when combined with trade-in.

iPhone 12 Pro deals: trade-in offers


iPhone 12 Pro: at | Vodafone | £520 upfront | 54GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £30pm
When you hit the Pro models, the prices really start to fly up. Trade in your device and you can make a significant dent in the price here. If the device you trade in is worth around the upfront cost of £520 then this will make an awesome offer. It offers monthly bills of just £30 while supplying that same 54GB of data.

iPhone 12 Pro Max deals: trade-in offers


iPhone 12 Pro Max: at | Vodafone | £610 upfront | 54GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £30pm
Yes...£610. That's what you need to pay upfront to get your monthly bills down to £30 on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, if you do the right trade in, you can knock that cost way down and get an unbelievable price on this super expensive handset.

What's the iPhone 12 range like?

iPhone 12 Mini:
The smallest of Apple's four iPhone 12 devices, the Mini is all about bringing both the size and price down. While normally this would result in a device that is lacking in a number of areas, the iPhone 12 Mini actually shares many of the key specs of the other devices.

It has the same A14 Bionic chip, the same MagSafe features, 5G capabilities and more. However, it obviously has to lose out somewhere. It has a far smaller battery than the rest, a lower resolution and fewer camera lenses than the Pro or Pro Max.

iPhone 12:
The new iPhone 12 is at its core an incremental update on the iPhone 12. Other than the fact Apple has now joined the world of 5G and a clever new Magsafe feature for wireless charging, there aren't a whole load of unique new features.

However, Apple has significantly improved the camera, especially when it comes to low light shots and video. It has also introduced its A14 Bionic chip, the fastest processor in any of its phones.

Elsewhere, the design of the phone has been re-done. It has made the bezel smaller and squared off the sides (making it look rather iPhone 5-ish).

iPhone 12 mini

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iPhone 12 Pro:
The Apple iPhone 12 Pro represents a big jump forward for the company. Not only is there a new (all right, kind of 'original' looking) design with that Ceramic Shell bumper but inside it's all fresh too. 

That's thanks to the powerful A14 Bionic processor, the first at five nanometers – which means it's power efficient as well as fast. This, combined with the triple 12MP camera, now offers LiDAR depth detection and Dolby Vision video recording quality.

The iPhone 12 Pro comes with 5G connectivity, more OLED screen in that 6.1-inch housing than previous generations, and the super powerful seven-element lens toting camera system that offers next-level low-light photography. In short, it all helps to justify that rather steep price tag for the first time in a few iPhone generations.

iPhone 12 Pro Max:
The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the complete opposite end of the spectrum, offering the largest and most expensive of the iPhone 12 devices. 

Not only does this handset offer that massive 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display but it's also backed by 5G connectivity and the next-gen five nanometer A14 Bionic chip. All that means you can capture video in Dolby Vision quality.

But the camera story continues as those three lenses, all 12MP, offer ultra wide, wide and telephoto. That means optical zoom, way more light for Night Mode shots and a new level or focus thanks to a LiDAR sensor backing it all up. Once the Apple ProRAW feature goes live, this is going to be a real competitor for pro DSLR cameras, or at least that's what Apple hopes and is working towards.

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