Get this great Samsung 8K Neo QLED TV deal at Currys while you can

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Are you looking to upgrade your home cinema but don't want to wait for Samsung's 2022 NEO QLED TVs to launch? Well, why not grab models from its 2021 lineup at a discount from Currys today instead?

Select Samsung TVs are currently 10% off their asking price at Currys. This includes the dazzling Samsung QN700 8K QLED 55-inch TV (now £1,620) and the Samsung QN85 4K QLED 55-inch TV (now £1,080). (Outside of the UK? Check out today's best TV deals in your region just below.)

To claim the Currys offer you'll have to use code 10OFFVIS to get an additional 10% off the TV's marked price when you're at the checkout.

Today's best Samsung Neo QLED TV deals

Samsung 55-inch QN85A Neo QLED 4K Smart TV: £1,299£1,080 at Currys
Save £219 -

Samsung 55-inch QN85A Neo QLED 4K Smart TV: £1,299 £1,080 at Currys
Save £219 -
With superb brightness, colors, and Samsung's excellent Tizen OS, this QLED TV is a great choice if you're looking for a top-quality display. Featuring one HDMI 2.1 port, this one's also good for next-gen gamers looking to max out their games at 120Hz 4K resolution.

 Samsung 55-inch QN700 Neo QLED 8K Smart TV: £1,999£1,620 at Currys
Save £379 -

 Samsung 55-inch QN700 Neo QLED 8K Smart TV: £1,999 £1,620 at Currys
Save £379 -
The QN700 has everything you could want from a high-end TV; the crisp 8K image is brought to life by the stunning Neo QLED panels and the OTS+ audio makes this one of Samsung's most immersive sound systems yet. Plus it has a 120Hz variable refresh rate for premium gaming experiences.

Samsung 65-inch QN800 Neo QLED 4K Smart TV: £3,299£2,520 at Currys
Save $779 -

Samsung 65-inch QN800 Neo QLED 4K Smart TV: £3,299 £2,520 at Currys
Save $779 -
If you want to take your home cinema experience up a notch then this is a deal you won't want to miss. The 8K image will look stunning thanks to the NEO QLED panels and HDR10+ support - plus the smart processer will upscale what you're watching so you can take full advantage of the TV's added level of clarity.

Samsung's Neo QLED TVs were some of the best TVs released in 2021 thanks to their excellent features and beautiful images.

Neo QLED is a type of TV panel tech developed by Samsung for its most premium TVs. It uses Mini LEDs rather than a more traditional LCD style backlight to create better brightness and screen contrast compared to a traditional QLED screen - which was already a cut above LCDs.

The contrast in dark scenes still won't be quite as good as an OLED, but in exchange, you'll get a much brighter and more colorful image.

The only major downside of these Samsung TVs is that they lack Dolby Vision support - meaning the HDR quality you get from services like Netflix might not be quite as good as on other TVs. However, you do still have HDR10+ support so you won't be missing out on too much.

If you're after a premium home cinema set up - and want to save a bit on it - then this Currys deal on Samsung Neo QLED TVs is one you might not want to miss out on.

Not in the UK? We've rounded up the best deals in your region below:

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