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Sky does gesture-controlled games

Sky's interactive dance game
Sky's interactive dance game

Sky has announced it will offer gesture controlled gaming to its Sky games line up, with a webcam used to control the action.

It might seem a little bit like Project Natal from Microsoft, but in actual fact it sounds more like the PlayStation's EyeToy, with 'ducking and diving' and 'guitar strumming' key moves.

Sky says the player "effectively become the 'joystick' using their body's movement to control what happens on-screen."

Free gaming

The games, powered by OmniMotion, will be free to play on your computer, with Heading, Rugby and skiing among the 10 games initially offered.

Be warned though, as Sky suggests you have a PC less than eight years old, and a Mac less than three, to use the system which also "contributes to the player's wellbeing by improving cardio-vascular fitness, working individual muscle groups and aiding flexibility."

Of course, you have to shell out for a webcam, but other than that, you're good to get ducking and diving in front of your PC.

Head on over to to check it out yourself.