PS4, meet the Steam Machine and be afraid, be very afraid

You launched a PS4? That's cute, now where's my Steam Machine?

TechRadar put on a scarf and headed to the UK PS4 launch this week to dig up the following, harrowing news story: some people will still stand in the freezing cold for several days so they can play Knack a few hours before everyone else.

Also, the front of the line smelled of wee. We didn't like it.

But that soon became the stench of victory as the world's most eager gamers were rewarded for their patience. Clutching their treasured black boxes in their weakened arms, they stumbled home at midnight only to collapse a few streets away and have their precious prizes stolen. But it was worth it. It was for VIDEO GAMES.

Steam Machine

Looks like a PSPhwooar


But despite what Sony and Microsoft were up to this week, we were a little distracted after getting a first glimpse at a third-party Steam Machine.

iBuyPower showed off its flashy new box, which will be priced at $499 (about £307, AU $547) when it goes on sale next year. That puts it at the same price as an Xbox One.

Valve has a tendency to play its cards close to its chest, but we really think it needs to be yelling a bit louder about the Steam Machines right now. Here's hoping we see a lot more at CES.


So, err, who will they get to play Ellie then?

The Last of Us: The movie?

Naughty Dog's sombre zombie (sombrie?) thriller The Last Of Us might be about to get the movie treatment. and were registered by MarkMonitor, Sony's online brand protection agency, on November 25.

Sony might just be guarding the name for now with no actual plans for a film. Or, look at it another way, and this might really be a trademark for The Las Tofus, a tale about a gang of Spanish wrestlers who are irreversibly transformed after eating some radioactive bean curd. Now that's something we'd queue for days to see. [CVG]

This week, TechRadar's been playing…


Thatgamecompany's PS3 indie title has been given a next-gen makeover and looks stunning at 1080p 60fps on the PS4. Don't be fooled by its simplicity - Flower charms beautifully without the need for any guns or explosions.

That's no moon

Listen up nerf herders, EA Canada might be working on an open-world Star Wars game. The company recently advertised for a Lead Combat Designer and an Animation Director, and while the listings don't mention what property the jobs are for, a recruitment officer let the cat out of the bag back in September when she tweeted that the former would be for a Star Wars title.

CVG then found a cached version of the Animation Director listing which explicitly said it would also be for a Star Wars game.

Godspeed, EA. Godspeed.


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