Sony PS3 available in new bundle package

PlayStation 3 looks set to have a much better year in 2008 than it did in 2007

Sony has announced that it is to make the PS3 available in the UK in a new bundle deal. The new £349.99 'Pick N Mix' bundle comes with one of the 40GB consoles and also two games.

If you're thinking that sounds like a good deal, you should probably be careful before going ahead and buying it. Pick your two games wisely, because while there are some good 'uns available, there are also a number of stinkers in there too.

New bundle a rip-off?

Available in the deal are any two of the following first-party Sony titles: Ratchet and Clank: Tools Of Destruction, Formula One, L.A.I.R, Drake's Fortune, Motorstorm, Resistance: Fall Of Man, Folklore, Warhawk, Genji: Days of the Blade and Singstar.

The new bundle will be available from retailers from 18 January and should stay on the shelves for some time. Presumably that's because most of those first-party games are old, and some of them aren't very good.

The other thing to take into account, of course, is that you can get hold of the console on its own online for £289.99. And with most of those titles above costing £30 or less, with this bundle all you're doing is limiting your choice of games. You're not actually saving any money.

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