Ouya all-black console packs 16GB of storage, refined controller

Ouya black 16gb
Matches the Xbox One and PS4 that you actually use

The Android-based Ouya console can better match the rest of your electronics today thanks to an all-black version that also promises to fix the problems of the original.

Its 16GB of internal flash storage trumps the 8GB found in the two-tone black and gray edition that first launched as a Kickstarter-funded product.

This extra storage was briefly a part of the limited-edition white Ouya console that went on sale during the holidays and sold out in a few weeks. Now it's a permanent part of this black system.

Of course, it's more expensive as a result. The new Ouya and matching matte black controller retail for $129 on the company's online store and Amazon in the US and Canada.

Prices in the UK and Australia have not been announced and simply converting the amount actually makes it about £78 - cheaper than the current 8GB model. Clearly it'll be jacked up.

The original 8GB black-and-gray Ouya will remain on sale for $99 (£99, about AU$113).

Refined controller, boosted WiFi

The all-black console also contains a refined controller and boosted WiFi, according to an Ouya press release today.

When we asked how the controller changed, a company spokesperson said that it "includes updated firmware for improved connectivity."

That means you're not going to get stuck with the older, lag-prone Ouya gamepad. It was phased-out last year, but still made buying the previous model a random draw; the old and new boxes looked alike.

This new version contains textured thumbsticks, non-sticking action buttons and tighter triggers right out of the box.

Ouya now matches the PS4 and Xbox One with a matte black scheme, but it may eventually have some Android-based competition from Amazon, its closest retailer.

Matt Swider