First-party Oculus VR games won’t be at E3, says Facebook

The Oculus Rift S Vr Headset
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While a number of anticipated Oculus Studios projects are in the works, it looks like none of them will be showcased at E3 2021. That’s been confirmed by Oculus Studios executive producer in response to a question on the Oculus Quest subreddit.

Reported by UploadVR, Doran’s response to the publisher’s E3 presence was concise: “The Oculus Studios team will not be showing anything at E3, but stay tuned!” It’s worth noting that Facebook may still have a more general presence at E3, potentially showcasing VR games that aren’t being published by Oculus Studios.

While Oculus Studios may not be sharing in the gamut of E3 presentations and announcements, it’s possible the company is keeping its cards close to its chest for a future event of its own, such as another Oculus Gaming Showcase or even Facebook Connect.

No Oculus? No worries!

While we might not see VR games and projects in the works being published by Oculus Studios at E3 2021, that doesn’t mean we won’t see exciting virtual reality titles being developed under other publishers – one of the most notable being Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 VR, which already looked very promising during its debut.

Highly-anticipated original projects are also in the works for Oculus VR headsets, such as Lone Echo 2, After the Fall and Carve Snowboarding, the virtual reality successor to the Nintendo 64 cult classic 1080 Snowboarding. As the latter two are beyond the publishing umbrella of Oculus Studios, an E3 2021 appearance may also be on the cards for them.

With its own Nintendo Direct-esque Oculus Gaming Showcase, then, as well as the yearly Facebook Connect event, it looks like Oculus Studios won’t really need E3 to demonstrate what its VR devices have to offer. This is a sentiment seemingly shared by Sony and EA, who will also be hosting their own announcement showcases independent of E3 2021.

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