Fibre price drop: Vodafone has the cheapest superfast broadband deals in the UK

Vodafone fibre broadband deals

After a month or two in the wilderness, Vodafone has returned to its spot as the cheapest provider of fibre broadband deals around. That's thanks to a price drop on both of its Superfast plans.

The first - the aptly named Superfast 1 - provides fibre optic internet speeds at an average of 35Mb, meaning download speeds of around 4MB per second. And unlike most other broadband companies, it even guarantees you a minimum of 25Mb. You can get that for just £22 per month (on an 18 month contract), or £20 if you already have your mobile phone on Vodafone.

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Need something a bit faster? Then Vodafone's Superfast 2 fibre deal is only a fiver more a month, but has speeds that would much better suit a household full of folk all trying to use the broadband at once or if you're a devotee of 4K streaming. The average speed is almost doubled, cranking things up to a rapid 63Mb.

And you don't even have to worry about being hit with a steep upfront charge as Vodafone broadband deals come with free activation. Splendid

Ultimate Speed Guarantee

When it comes to avoiding slow connection speeds, Vodafone is leading the way where we imagine other internet providers are bound to follow. It offers new fibre broadband customers an internet speed guarantee with minimum speeds of 25Mb for Superfast 1 and 55Mb for Superfast 2.

If Vodafone fails to deliver on the speeds, customers will be entitled to a 15% discount off their next monthly bill. It makes Vodafone's broadband plans the only widely available packages to offer such a speed guarantee in the UK.

Today's best fibre broadband deals

You can see why we're so excited by the Vodafone price drop by taking a quick browse of our best fibre broadband deals page or simply checking out the price comparison below. As you'll see, when it comes to pure price Vodafone is now ahead of the rest, with only TalkTalk really pushing it close at £22.50 per month.