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A couple of weeks back, Disney Plus Hotstar announced its new plans for India which will come into effect starting Sep 1, 2021.  If you are wondering how the new plans will affect the existing Disney Plus Hotstar users, we now have answers to all your questions. In this article we have compiled the most popular and frequently asked questions and answered them, so you get a better understanding of the new plans as we do now. 

The new plans start at Rs 499 now instead of Rs 399 and instead of two plans, you will be offered three new annual plans一 Rs 499 (Mobile), Rs 899 (Super), and Rs 1,499 (Premium). The existing Disney Plus Hotstar VIP subscription will be discontinued starting September 1. Here is how the new plans are going to be affecting the Disney Plus Hotstar current subscriber base:

Disney Plus Hotstar plans (starting Sep 1)

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PriceRs 499/yrRs 899/yrRs 1,499/yr
All content accessYesYesYes
Number of screens (Max)124
Laptop/TV supportNoYesYes
Ad-free movie/showNoNoYes
Audio qualityStereo Dolby 5.1Dolby 5.1

What happens to the existing Disney Plus Hotstar VIP members?

If you are a Disney Plus Hotstar VIP membership holder, you will automatically migrate to the new Mobile plan. With this move, you will be getting access to all the content on the platform including English content without any language restrictions until the time your current membership expires. 

But, once the membership expires, you will have to pay Rs 499 per year for the Disney Plus Hotstar Mobile plan. On the downside, you will be able to consume the content on mobile devices only. You can continue to watch free content on all platforms, including Web and Living Room devices.

What happens to the existing Disney Plus Hotstar Premium members?

Since there is no change in the top-tier plan, the Premium will continue to get all content. But, you will get 4 simultaneous screen support instead of just 2. 

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What happens to auto-renewal for the VIP plan?

All the current VIP user base will be moved to the Mobile plan starting September 1. If you have renewal after September 1, you will be charged Rs 499 that will be debited from the authorized payment mode linked to your account at the time of expiry of the current subscription period. Post the expiration of the VIP plan, all the benefits of the Mobile plan will be applicable. 

Can I switch my subscription plan from Disney Plus Hotstar Premium plan to Disney Plus Hotstar VIP?

The company says users with VIP subscriptions will be able to upgrade to Premium plan annually by paying the difference amount. This can be done in the Mobile application from  My Account on supported app versions.

Users with voucher purchases cannot upgrade the plan. But, you can buy the Disney Plus Hotstar Premium plan afresh.

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Does the Disney Plus Hotstar Mobile plan support Chromecast/TV/Fire TV?

In short, the answer is no. Since the plans have changed and all three upcoming plans will get full content access without any restriction. If you wish to watch content on living room devices such as smart TV, Fire TV, or Chromecast, you will have to upgrade to either Super or Premium plan. 

What about ads on these new plans?

Both the Mobile and Super plans come with ad-supported content which means you will get ads during shows or movies. The premium plan is completely ad-free for shows and movies, but it does bring up ads during live sports coverage.

Other FAQs

  • All subscription plans are non-refundable. 
  • Free content continues to be available for free to all users.
  • People with VIP memberships from Jio, Airtel, and others will be moved to the mobile plan starting September 1. 
  • No more monthly subscription plans.
Join Disney Plus Hotstar  now

Join Disney Plus Hotstar  now

Rs 1,499/year 一 Premium | Rs 399/year 一 VIP

Rs 299/month 一 Premium 

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