Eero WiFi price: the best deals for the 2nd generation eero system


The Black Friday deals bonanza is well underway already, and one of the first home Wi-Fi systems is joining in on the party: eero WiFi.

Different from a router and more similar to products like Google Wifi, eero is a multi-unit Wi-Fi system that employs one unit connected to your modem or gateway that sends its Wi-Fi signal to one or more smaller beacon units over a dedicated band of the signal spectrum. Those units, connected directly to an outlet, then take that signal and spread it throughout their immediate vicinity.

In short, if you're having Wi-Fi signal problems in your home, this is your best bet for improving coverage throughout the house. And, it just got a lot cheaper, thanks to some sweet Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

The best deals on eero Wi-Fi

All of the following deals are for the 2nd generation of the eero Home WiFi System. So, you know you'll be getting the latest and greatest from one of the companies that started a revolution of home-coating internet.

Get 1 eero plus 2 eero Beacons for just $306
If you head over to Amazon right now, you can score the core eero set – that's one main unit plus two beacon units – for a cool 23% off. That's nearly $93 off the $399 list price.View Deal

Get 1 eero plus 1 eero Beacons for just $225.99
If you don't have as big of a home, you head over to that same Amazon page and nab the basic eero set – that's one main unit plus one beacon unit – for a sweet 24% off. That's nearly $73 off the $299 list price.View Deal

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