EE is giving NHS staff 6 months of unlimited data for free

(Image credit: EE)

Right now it’s an especially tough time to be an NHS worker, so it’s good to see various companies doing their bit to make life easier. The latest example of this is EE, which is offering all NHS staff with an EE pay monthly mobile plan unlimited data until October 9.

This includes both new and existing EE customers, you just need an NHS email address, and then you can register for the free data here.

You can claim this offer any time between now and October 9, though of course the sooner you do so the more benefit you’ll get. Sign up at the time of writing and you’ll get a full six months of unlimited data.

It’s worth noting that while the offer applies to both phone contracts and SIM only plans (purchased either at the EE website or from any other retailer), it doesn’t apply to mobile broadband plans, pay as you go, or any of EE’s other offerings. And if you already have an EE plan with unlimited data then you won’t be able to benefit either.

Still, for everyone else this is a great offer, and it’s not the first or only thing EE has done in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. The network already offers free use of the NHS website for example.

EE isn’t the only network helping out the NHS and other customers either. Vodafone for example is similarly giving NHS workers unlimited data, though for a rather less impressive 30 days. You can find all the offers each network is making on our lockdown benefits page.

James Rogerson

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