EE has launched a free Apple Fitness+ offer and Pay as you go data packs

SIM only deals
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EE has just launched new two offers. One helping you to feel fit, happy and healthy with six months of Apple Fitness+ free when you buy an Apple Watch and the other offering flexible pay as you go SIMs for your tablet, laptop or mobile broadband.

Apple Fitness+ is a dedicated health platform that's designed exactly for Apple devices. This gets you studio style workouts with professional trainers for an immersive and driven training experience. Think Peloton but done by Apple. This works on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

The deal is available now to anyone that buys a new Apple Watch Series 6 or SE on an EE Paired Watch plan, which includes a mobile data SIM so you can use it without a phone.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is available from £28 per month while the Apple Watch SE starts at £20 per month. Both include unlimited data so you don't need to worry about ever running out. 

EE's other announcement is around new pay as you go data SIM packs. For £30 you get 30GB over two months, for £50 you get 120GB over 12 months. There are also options to get 30-day data add-ons. These SIM only deals can be used in a tablet, laptop or mobile broadband and allow you to join EE with no contract or credit check.


Buy an Apple Watch Series 6 with EE and get six months free Apple Fitness+
If you're in the market for a new smartwatch, EE has made its Apple Watch deals more enticing by now throwing in six months worth of Apple Fitness+. This is available on both the Watch Series 6 and the SE models too. Prices start at £20 a month but go all the way up to £28 a month depending on the deal.


EE's new connected data SIMs can be used in tablets, laptops and mobile broadband
EE's new connected data SIM plans are designed for tablets, laptops or moble broadband. They skip out on any contracts and don't require a credit check. You can get them either bundled with 4GEE WiFi devices or on their own. They start at £30 a month for 30GB and include 30 data day add-ons and added subscriptions for a higher price.

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