Don't expect any big PS5 announcements at Sony's State of Play this week

Sony State of Play
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It seems the rumors were true: Sony is hosting a State of Play in August, but it's not quite what we hoped. 

The company has announced it will host a State on Play on August 6, but the 40-minute event will have no big PS5 announcements and instead will focus primarily on upcoming PS4 and PSVR games.

"Just to be super clear – there will be no PlayStation Studios updates in Thursday’s episode," Sid Shuman, senior director of SIE content communications, wrote in a PlayStation Blog post. "There won’t be any updates around hardware, business, preorders, or dates either. On Thursday, our focus is squarely on showcasing some cool upcoming games coming to the broader PlayStation ecosystem."

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That means that we won't be getting any information on the PS5 price, pre-orders or release date - or any new PS5 game announcements. But there will be some "check-ins" on previously announced third-party and indie PS5 games.

This week's Sony State of Play episode airs on August 6 at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm BST. You can watch it live on Twitch and YouTube.

So when will we hear more about the PS5 price?

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There have been rumors circulating for a while now that Sony was planning to host a State of Play in August. This led some to speculate that the PS5 price and release date would be revealed at the event, considering rumors have been ramping up that both Microsoft and Sony will reveal their next-gen console prices in August

While this State of Play won't see us getting PS5 pricing confirmation, that doesn't necessarily mean that Sony won't host yet another event this month, focused on spilling those juicy details.

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