LG's auto-contrast monitors to hit UK in May

LG reducing eye-strain. Don't look at this image too long...
LG reducing eye-strain. Don't look at this image too long...

LG has unveiled that its W53 monitor range, with an auto-contrast feature that promises to reduce eye-strain, will arrive in the UK in May.

The feature uses the ambient light to gauge how bright the screen should be, although that, combined with a 'timer that reminds users to take a break from their work at predetermined intervals' might well annoy as many users as help them.

"LG has conducted extensive research around monitor usage in Europe and found one of the main complaints people had was eyestrain, caused by the screen being either too bright or too dark," says Soyeon Shin, marketing manager, LG Electronics Business Solutions Company.

Suite success?

"To address this, LG has incorporated the world's first full suite of features that optimises the brightness of the screen in its new W53 series, ultimately reducing eyestrain," he adds.

On top of this, the 16:9 monitors also bring a sensor for the on-screen controls that sense hand movements towards the panel and illuminates buttons, a contrast ratio of 50,000:1 and a response time 'as quick as 2ms'.

Screen sizes will start at 18.5 in and go up to 27 in, and will offer 1920x1080 Full HD resolution.

Patrick Goss

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